The Credit Card Knife Review

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Product Name: The Credit Card Knife

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Have you ever heard about Credit Card Knife? The Credit Card Knife smart tool is invaluable, it can save the life that is equally at home in your purse, wallet, insect-out bag, toolbar, or even the drawer the kitchen. The credit card knife includes a simple lock / unlock system that allows you to fold into a credit card on a regular basis after use. Due to its ultra-slim structure and a steel construction, it is extremely sturdy and is faster than most razors! Using this product, buyers also get surplus profits, like the electronic book ‘Ultimate Survival Skills’ and two hours of class on survival techniques. Whether to open an envelope or defend yourself and your loved ones, the credit card knife is the right tool for the job. Its convertible design gives you the power to always be prepared … This is a safety tool very useful for both men and women.

What is The Credit Card Knife?

According to hundreds of customer comments, the credit card knife is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is undoubtedly the best version of a safe, razor-sharp, super-lightweight, super-strong. In general, pocket knives are useful in a variety of situations. In general, pocket knives are useful in a variety of situations. If you are in the office, at home or on vacation, you can not miss the tasks that can be perfectly managed with it. This excellent knife is made according to the most convenient for your pocket, In addition, the card without the danger of knives can be put in a wallet or in the pocket resulting in undesirable incidents. Mobility is an advantage of this product, which makes the user feel nice.

With just a few folding operations, it can be transformed into an elegant pocket tool disguised as a credit card, which is lighter and thinner than typical folding knives. Apart from the size and shape, the credit card knife has other interesting features, ie a long stainless steel blade, which ensures a longer and rust resistant hardness. It also has a super lightweight polypropylene body, which has a built-in protective cover to prevent injury and dullness. In addition, it has a unique security lock that prevents it from opening during storage. This unique feature makes child proof, which is a very important safety feature that lacks in many other types in the market.


Special Features of The Credit Card Knife:

  • The weight of the credit card knife is one of the main reasons why many people prefer this type over many others.
  • It is not only light but also ultra-thin. Measuring only 2.2mm thick, the credit card knife can easily qualify as the thinnest available today.
  • The card also has a surgical blade with an extra long cutting edge (65 mm), which ensures lasting sharpness. Its blade has a state of sharpness and very good life.
  • The credit card knife also drives the package in terms of safety. As mentioned above, the edge of the blade has a protective cover, which prevents accidents, as well as dullness.
  • It is also worth noting that it can not accidentally bend as is the case with most another type of pocket knives on the market.
  • The blade locks perfectly in the cutting mode, which eliminates the shaking of the blade and allows precise and precise cutting.



  • This credit card piece weighs over 10 times less i.e. 13 grams.
  • It also has a safety lock which restricts it from opening in storage. This safety lock helps to avoid injuries by making the credit card knife tamper proof and child proof.
  • The credit card knife is also waterproof i.e. there are no hinged parts which as susceptible to rust like typical folding knives.
  • This is also suitable for invisible label or pad printing customization, which can be printed using 1-4 color lithographic.
  • It is eco-friendly, flatness and lightness reduce storage as well as shipping costs and the carbon footprint.


  • We cannot purchase The credit card knife in shops or in stores, but it is available in online only.
  • The instruction manual comes in digital format, not in hard copy.


Overall I strongly recommend this Credit Card Knife product. If you need a survival tool that can be used to cut small and soft materials, the credit card knife is a precision tool for you. Credit card knife works on a simple folding mechanism that can be easily slipped in the form of a standard credit card. This is certainly not a scam, as it provides a guarantee for a lifetime of smooth folding and unfolding. It gives you the knowledge and ability to protect themselves and their families if the need arises. This offer will not last forever, though so make sure you claim yours now before we run out of stock! To get your free simply click the big orange below, and tell us where to send it!


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