Real Life Self Defense Review

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Real Life Self Defense

Nowadays, we’re living in a world ruled by fear. Imagine an attacker strikes a knife in your face or grabs you from behind. What would you do in that case? In such a situation, most people will freak out or freeze up. I urge to read this audit to survive, defend and protect yourself in any case. Real Life Self Defense is the program designed specifically to assist everyone with a volume of excellent training. Mike Westerdal created this program, world’s most experienced tactical trainer shows you how to avoid the three most common mistakes that everyone makes.

What is Real Life Self Defense?
Mike’s Real Life Self Defense is the proven rapid teaching program that helps in offering you the art of real-life self-defense. The techniques you find in this program help in transforming you from zero to master in a matter of hours. This program is combined with a state of the art combat training facility. The secret techniques have been utilized for decades in the field of self-defense. Mike offers you the essential skills you need to defend yourself forever.

How Does the Real Life Self Defense Work?

Real Life Self Defense works with the most dangerous weapons using your body and knowledge. This program is designed with practical self-techniques where you can be prepared for every unexpected situation. Mike’s program is combined with his ability to transfer the knowledge skills and abilities of training anyone. The method is simple, efficient and easily recalled by anyone and anchored by real-world scenarios. This program works efficiently to help you survive a violent attack on the street.

  • Video Series 1: Protection & Targets- This video session shows you how to practice the moves without killing anyone. These tactics are simple, and you can also teach it to your family members or your loved ones. Here, you will discover the exact definition of self-defense which is the key to ultimate survival and escape.
  • Video Series 2: Natural Weapons of the Body- This version of self-defense involves reaching for a gun. You will understand how to use your body as a natural weapon which provides you with an inbuilt advantage over an attacker. Here, you never have to suffer from any lack of preparedness.
  • Video Series 3: Controlling the Subject- This third element of Real Life Self-Defense deals with the complete takedown of what to do. In seconds you will conclusively know what to do in those critical moments.

Real Life Self Defense Reviews

What Will You Learn From Real Life Self Defense?

  • By learning the esteemed defense techniques, you can reinforce a survivor mentality to fight through an attack.
  • This program not only helps people reach their potential but also shows you how to increase your potential.
  • With this program, you will quickly overcome your natural fear to act cool and calm and be confident in the right way to any threat.
  • Here, you will learn to trust your intuition to pick up your body’s natural warning signs.
  • You can be mentally stable on your side from an attacker as you can also understand how they think.
  • You will learn street-smart tactics that help in teaching you how to defend against the attack.
  • The rapid learning method helps in speeding your progress with each lesson.


  • Real Life Knife Defense
  • Rape Escape

Real Life Self Defense Review


  • This program is highly suitable especially for women without experience in self-defense tactics.
  • The author teaches the most comfortable and efficient way to escape.
  • Everything in this program is broken down into an easy to follow manner.
  • This program is about powerful teachings for people.


  • You need to follow the given strategies and techniques accurately.
  • There is no offline availability.

Real Life Self Defense....


Finally, I would highly endorse Real Life Self Defense to anyone as these skills are essential for any human being of any age. By using this program, you will experience what every other real-life self-defense people are suffering. This program comes with the risk-free 60-day money back guarantee. Try this program now and discover how to plan for the very worst situation you face. Stay Safe. Get Home.

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