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Product Name: Pocket Light

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Are you looking an easy to carry light for your camping? Then Survival frog Pocket Light is the exact product for you… The truth is, Pocket Light is one of the few lights of survival in a world that does what it does. Timing experts around the world stunned as this tiny light will replace 4 different survival tools. They are also surprised at how built-in mechanism allows you to use the full power of Mother Nature to help save your life in times of crisis. Pocket light is strong, “nature” proof design, making it ideal for survival camping, backpacking, road trips, the night outdoors on the patio and more. After you see everything, pocket light does I assume that you probably want two of them. One for your survival kit and one used camping, backpacking, working on the street at night, etc.

The Usages of Pocket Light:

Pocket Light is one of the best survival lights ever is because no other survival light can do all the things it does. First off when you get the Pocket Light you’re actually getting 2 lights in 1! Within seconds, the Pocket Light converts from lantern to flashlight with nothing more than a simple push and pull. While in “hockey puck mode” it’s an incredible handheld flashlight complete with a hidden handle for easy use. Push and pull and in seconds the accordion style inner lining turns into an ultra-bright room brightening lantern. Because it is so versatile, pocket light eliminates the need to carry separate lamps, lanterns, candles or survival in emergency situations.

Pocket lights specially programmed to help you save. Pocket light has several light settings including emergency strobe settings. After activating the emergency strobe light turns your handheld into an emergency beacon that can help you avoid the most dangerous situations. Not to mention its high and low settings are perfect for the time you need an ultra-bright light to see where you are going; or when you need low light, to keep your eye or eliminate detection.


A Unique Benefits of Pocket Light:

  • The Pocket Light is 100% powered by solar energy, so it never needs a battery to produce a bright white light.
  • The same solar energy can easily be used to charge phones, GPS-devices, radio and much more so that you will be able to use them in an emergency.
  • This makes it an ideal tool for the survival of those who want to reduce weight and ditches additional backup batteries, so they can charge their portable electronics on the go.
  • It’s also great for those who just want a reliable way to charge electronics 100% free, at any time and in any place.
  • Perhaps a unique advantage is its ability to use solar energy to charge its built-in light and virtually any USB charger.

5 More Reasons You’ll Love Your Pocket Light:

  • The Pocket Light is 3 survival tools in one you’ll never notice. At only 5 ounces in weight, this incredible survival tool can go with you everywhere without wearing you out or weigh you down!
  • When you have this amazing world of solar energy, you will never pay one red cent to see in the dark. Imagine that you will be able to buy it now, you’ll never have to spend money on expensive batteries for flashlights more …
  • The Pocket light was made specifically for the survival and confront the worst case, you will encounter. Rain, mud, snow or the wind can not make it inside when closed shut.
  • In addition, it was fitted with a tight rubber stopper to keep grit and moisture off of sensitive electronics. Not to mention the strong thermo-molded plastic shell protects it from drops, dents, and damage.
  • Because of its special design, the Pocket Light will give you incredible, dark-conquering light. Rated at 60 lumens, the Pocket Light’s advanced design will banish the night while helping you see no matter how dark it is.


Special Offer:

Emergency Space Blanket – These lightweight blankets were developed by NASA and is guaranteed to keep you warm in an emergency. Reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you these blankets could easily save your life.

Free Shipping – Not only will you get FREE blankets when you get 2 or more Pocket Lights…when you get 3 or more Pocket Lights you’ll also be awarded FREE shipping with your order.


  • Backup Energy Plan Guide
  • Ultimate Survival Blueprint
  • Sold Out After Crisis



  • Once your Pocket Light arrives at your home you’ll quickly discover it’s going to be your new go-to light for everything.
  • Guaranteed to charge 10% of your iPhone or Android cell phone for emergency use.
  • One of the main reasons to love this light it is also useful for survival, as well as for everyday life.
  • Because it converts flashlight to a lantern and because it acts as a spare battery charger, you will find it fun to use when you are involved in activities such as camping, backpacking, or barbecue outdoors.
  • This outdoor lantern is one of the best camping you can sample independently; with its variety of options, the bright light, the SOS emergency light signal, charging capabilities, and smart protection chip, a multi-function flashlight will be your new favorite tool for survival.
  • Pocket Lights comes with 100% money back guarantee.


  • Survival frog Pocket Light is available in online only.


In conclusion – Pocket Light is a highly recommended product. This product is placed as the best survival tool in the online market and specially equipped tactical features to survive. This Pocket light will show you the right way to make your life and your loved ones safe forever. This multi-function lantern is so useful, you’ll want to use it in every situation! Whether you’re brightly lighting up your campsite, using the tent lantern to illuminate your shelter, charging your electronic devices, or using its SOS emergency signal to signal for help from rescue teams, you’ll be able to use this incredible and rechargeable camping lantern everywhere you go.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your pocket light and the free emergency blanket…even if you don’t like the color of the boxes or how they feel in your hand, just send an email to them. They will refund your money. This program is very reasonable and highly recommend to everyone, respectively. So, do not miss this opportunity.

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